Learn How To Build A Business Plan And Create Your First Product For Your Online Business

Most Internet Marketers fail online because they do not know where their business is going or how they are going to get there (to whatever their end point goal is – usually making money online). Many newbie Internet Marketers may experience a little success at first, but eventually they will fail. They will fail because they do not have or use a solid business plan in the development of their online business. Most people just starting out in Internet Marketing treat this business as a “hobby.” It is something they do in their spare time.

Most of these online entrepreneurs run after the hype and eventually close down their online business. This is almost always due to the lack of sales. They thought it would be “easy” to get sales online. The ideas behind these websites were great, but the people who conceived the idea failed to see the potential of the business venture.

To build a solid online business you need to think like a business owner. You are only going to turn your creativity into money by using the resources that are available to you. Whenever you are faced with a challenge in your online business, you should devote time to plan and analyze a strategy to overcome the challenge and succeed. 90% of the people who are investing in business ventures do not do this – and it leads to their failure!

One way I found that will help you plan the content for your website is by using what is called a “10×10 matrix.”

10×10 matrix

Open up a new excel file and brainstorm 10 things that you are passionate about. Write these 10 things in the first row – going across the top. These things would be the ones you would do for free and enjoy doing it. Your day job may be that of an office manager but you love vintage cars. Over the years you have learned a lot about vintage cars through magazines, videos and real life experiences. People come to you and ask for your advice on the subject of vintage cars. You really know a lot about vintage cars and you could talk nonstop for hours if provided the opportunity. You may know how to buy vintage cars and you are able to advise others on what vintage cars to choose that will suit their style.

Or you may be an avid golfer. If that is the case, then you need to write down 10 things that you can teach others on how to improve their golf game under the cell “golf.”

These things should be short like “warming up”; “driving range” (start with the wedge and move backward to the driver, with 10 shots each); there is the “sand bunker practice”; there is “chipping”,there is “putting”; there is staying cool in hot environments etc.

Write 10 things UNDER each main subject you wrote in the cells on the first row at the top. Some categories may not have 10 things you can think of and some may have more than 10.

Now that you have brainstormed a lot of potential topics, you need to see if these topics are being used in search engines on the Internet. You do not want to create content that no one reads about!

You can use Google keyword planner to see the list of related keywords in your niche. You can also see the amount the advertisers are paying for a particular keyword.

If you are creating a blog with the articles related to the keywords, you can use Ad-sense ads in your articles. This will allow you the possibility to make money from each blog post! You will need to build a website to do that (and that requires a small financial investment as well).

Use each sub-category to write an article and post that article to your blog site. Combine all of the sub-categories that you have turned into articles into an e-book that you can offer for sale or use it in a Give Away to build your email list. The possibilities are endless!

If you are not good at writing articles but you enjoy creating videos – use video blogging! You can create a YouTube channel and upload you videos to this channel. You can directly monetize your videos on YouTube. Once you have sufficient subscribers, you can ask for donations or provide premium content for a fee on your channel.

If you like to write articles then you can create an e-Book containing premium content and sell it on your website. I would recommend you use a merchant account from Click-Bank. Click-Bank is an online retail outlet that showcases over 10,000 digital products from vendors around the globe. More than 100,000 active affiliates promote the products of the vendors for commissions.

It is possible that you could receive a lot of sales within a short span of time. To do this, you need to encourage your affiliates to promote your product by providing them various promotional materials which they can use that are related to your product.

Remember to make your business scalable because you will get a lot of customers who are willing to buy more products from you in the future. So you will be building your list while making money! The best of both worlds!

You can even create Joint Ventures with some of the other marketers and make even more money selling your products in the future. Joint Ventures take many forms, such as Give Away events or just emailing a promotion from your JV partner to your list and they mail their list about your product.

You should always create a business plan based on facts and figures. You need to track and modify your campaigns continuously to stay ahead in this very fluid and very competitive business. Do not treat this as a hobby or your will only have a hobby. You can only have a business if you treat this “as a business.”

Why University Business Courses Aren’t Worth The Tuition

Not long ago, I was browsing a local 4-University for a potential guest lecture opportunities – not necessarily for pay – I’d just like to spread the wealth, the wealth of knowledge I’ve garnered from my real world experience. I ran across several announcements for permanent positions for lecturers, business professors and was blown away by the BS requirements – and thought to myself, do these arrogant academics even hear themselves think? Since when does a lecturer of business marketing or branding need a Ph.D. in a business related subject? Silly humans, did they forget the age old adage; Those Who Can’t Teach?

Well, I then thought maybe the pedagogical knowledge (knowledge of teaching) is relevant to helping human minds uptake the information departed from the lecturer or professor – sure I guess that makes sense, and yet, that’s not what they were requiring, rather they were requiring a Ph.D. in a business related topic? Are you serious? Anyone worth their salt learns what they need and then goes out into the real world and does it. After all, that’s what I did when I left school to run my company. In fact, nearly everyone I know ditched school prior to getting their MBA and launched their career, and mind you I knows so superstars of the business world – specifically the Franchising Sector.

As a founder of a Franchising Company and having set up businesses serving some 400+ cities in 23-states and multiple countries, it blows me away that I wouldn’t qualify to teach what I know to business students. In fact, during my business career I was equally intrigued by the number of business I competed with in the real world with executives from Harvard, Wharton, Yale, and the like – look we blew them out of the market and enjoyed earning their market share through direct competition and agility to serve the customers – even with their hot-shot investment banker friends on Wall Street.

Now why does that last paragraph matter? It’s simple really, what I am saying is that if you are learning business from someone who has never done it, been in academia all their lives, well, they might know all the theories, but they don’t get the reality – thus, you are wasting your money at the University learning from such folks. You’d be better off taking business courses from the Community College where there are working (business world) professors or retired business people. So, unless you are going to a top notch business school for networking opportunities or guaranteed placement after graduation – don’t waste your time or money on the tuition – it’s just BS, you don’t need it.

Arrogant Academia, they think they can run the world, and they cannot even run their campuses while they build the biggest financial bubble we’ve seen in a decade. Maybe when it does all collapse, that $1.7 Trillion and growing student loan debt, now with a 40% default rate – they will consider what I’ve just stated in Common Sense Language and Laymen’s Terms? Yah think? Ha ha ha. Until then, let them drown in their own BS, but don’t waste your money, or your parents money or go into economic enslavement thinking those taxpayer guaranteed loans are going to save your rear-end.

5 Steps to Business Success With Brand Recognition and Marketing Strategies

Brand recognition plays a significant part in growing a successful business online. Knowing the importance and details of growing your business using brand recognition, can make or break your marketing strategy. Let’s look at the details!

While everyone recognizes that success is a matter of expectations, expecting great things to come your way may not be the only thing you need to build a successful online business. Perhaps pouring heart and soul into your business and funneling these five necessary ingredients into the mix can be helpful in building the dynamic success you desire from your business.

1 – Keyword Domination in Your Industry

Keywords are more than just the search engine optimizing jargon that goes well with your business niche, they are the recognition factor that grows your business, builds your list, and brings your buyers to your website. By applying a well-focused content promoting plan to the development of your online presence, strategically marketing your products and services through daily communication with your buyers.

2 – Effective Brand Identification

Will your customers recognize your brand? Do they know how they feel about you? Do they trust you? Can they feel the warm and caring touch you provide through your products and services? How your customers feel about you is the biggest reflection of your brand. When you’ve liberally sprinkled your brand identification through your website, throughout your content on the web, and scattered it over your customers as you serve them, they’ll recognize you, appreciate you, and refer others to you. That’s brand recognition worthy of bragging points.

3 – Liberal Use of Successful Marketing Strategies

The most successful businesses find working strategies for marketing their businesses and use them over and over and over again. In fact, they’ll use those same successful marketing strategies, even when they apply them to new and sometimes different marketing plans. One such plan is the unequalized option of bringing a buying client, who is happy with their purchase, back to purchase from you again. In the online industry, we often refer to that as list building, and generate a marketing list from our happy customers at check out. Of course, there’s the option of being part of the list prior to purchasing anything, as well.

The key component of this strategy is to keep your customers happy.

4 – Innovative Sales Techniques & Tools

After you’re on target with your marketing program, the next step is to bring in an innovative sales team to brainstorm the best sales techniques and tools and implement them in your overall marketing plan. Some of the most successful and productive marketing strategies used in my business came from my ‘then’ 12 year old son who didn’t know there was a right way to market a product, but had innovative ideas about what he thought would work. And they worked. He’s now – 9 years later – a top performing sales rep with a tech industry, at the tender age of 21. His ideas worked for me, and they’re working for them too.

5 – Visibility Through Content, Publication, & Name Recognition

“If nobody knows you exist, how can they purchase your products?” was my most effective coaching question for many years of teaching people how to market their business online. Be visible. My business started out on the small side street of an obscure community in southeast Colorado. Nobody traveled that street, so a sign out front would have been worthless. Working online offered ample opportunity to not only be visible, but to promote my business in ways that took me to the forefront and top of my industry as a recognized expert. Success means that when you open a Google search form and plug in the name of your business, your signature, or your primary product, YOU show up on the first page – preferably at the top of the results page.

Publication can take you to that realm of recognition, if you do it right…